Grow Your Small Business With YourPCM

A centralised client database is a critical tool for any small business that is looking to grow. YourPCM can help you keep track of both client conversations and contact details and use it to build better relationships with them ...

Having a centralised client database rather than just using a spreadsheet (or even a notebook!) can be an invaluable way for any small business to increase sales and client loyalty. It allows them to store and manage their client data in one place, streamlining communication.

"It can both expand and simplify the potential reach of your marketing efforts!"

And when that client database is in the cloud, like YourPCM is, your team can easily access it from anywhere, at any time. Not just for your office PC, take notes of meetings when you're face-to-face, or even update conversations after the event on your laptop or tablet in the car. If a customer calls you, it's just a few clicks to pull up their record which makes it easier to respond quickly to their needs.

YourPCM is designed exclusively for UK small business owners and it will help you to communicate more effectively with your clients. Organise everyone you know, search for new businesses you don't but might like to work with, and then reach out to them all using custom email, SMS and our unique HTML mailing list system.

If you want to build trust and loyalty, then a centralised customer database such as YourPCM will help you do just that. You'll become a master of proactivity and your clients will feel that they are being heard and their needs are being addressed.

"Overall, having a centralised client database is a great way for businesses to grow and stay competitive!"

YourPCM will help you to build better client relationships, target your marketing efforts more accurately, and stay organized. And you can get your entire team involved with up to 16 users ensuring everyone has access to the very latest data on your clients.

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