New Year, New Upgrades For YourPCM

This is probably going to be one of the final mentions of the word Christmas for the next ten months or so, but it is a time we can happily work through our feature request list without any distractions. We certainly upgraded YourPCM during the 2023 festivities ...

We had a couple of feature requests from our subscribers, but the holidays also gave us time to try out a few new ideas and see if they worked with YourPCM. So, here's what we got up to:

- Search engine: Requested by our subscriber Sarah who needed to quickly find a contact when they called into her office. Trying to remember which section she put them in was difficult and, as she needed to be responsive, we built a search engine for her which finds contact records quickly and easily.

- Alt Number: Following on from the search upgrade, we added an alternative phone number field. Although this can't be seen in our standard 950px view, it can be added to the wider views. It's also useful for viewing all the contacts for a particular company in our new search engine. As long as they all have the main switchboard number in the alternative phone number field, you can list them all together.

- Phone integration: A few people asked for this ability. How to get a contact's details into their phone quickly and easily. Just scan the QR code you can find next to the notes using your iPhone or Android camera and it'll add all their details into your address book as a new contact.

- Custom widths: This is one we thought we'd play with and has been on our minds for a while. Although our usual 950px width is perfectly balanced, on occasion we found it too narrow to display everything we wanted. Now, it works with laptop screens of many different resolutions and at a 1920px width will fill the entire screen.

- Custom font sizes: And of course, changing the width meant that we should also be able to change the font size too. Choose from 11px, 12px, 13px or 14px depending on the width you've set and how good your eyes are!

The width and font size settings now work across all our modules, so whatever you set in Contacts will reflect across our Search and Mailers tools as well.

We're really pleased with the work our team put in over Christmas 2023, and it's all been tested to destruction and finally released to our subscribers. We feel we're well set to focus back on our sales and marketing activities again.

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If you're interested in discovering more about YourPCM, do call us on 07490 373980 and let's see how we can help you.