Our Manifesto: Why We Do What We Do

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management system and CRMs are supposed to administer a business's interactions with its customers. But there's a real problem with mainstream CRMs. Our manifesto will explain ...

Mainstream CRMs must be all things to all people, all around the world. They can be complex to set up, expensive to develop, and need ongoing training and support. They also contain many features, functions, integrations and workflows you'll never need, but still have to pay for.

"They all suffer from massive amounts of mission creep!"

In fact, with most CRM developers targeting enterprise-level customers because of the sheer number of seats they can sell at inflated prices, a small business owner becomes just an account number and a revenue stream. They just get lost in the crowd and are mostly left to their own devices.

YourPCM is completely different ... it's your personal contact manager that puts a secure customer database at its very heart. Any other functions are in support of your database, so searching and mailing are part of the trifecta of functionality, but if you don't need them, you don't subscribe to them.

In addition, we're a UK company, that works exclusively with UK small business owners. Your data is held securely in a UK data centre and all training and support come from our UK-based team. We're not interested in enterprise customers, and we don't want to have overseas subscribers either.

"Our focus is totally on UK small business owners!"

From the self-employed to solo entrepreneurs, from small partnerships to SMEs with only a handful of staff, you're the people we love to work with, and you'll never just be an account number or a revenue stream to us. Whenever you need our help, we're there to support you.

And finally, we will use all reasonable endeavours to keep your customer data secure and will ensure maximum availability of our service at all times

This is our manifesto.