Upgrades A-Plenty For YourPCM

We're constantly working on YourPCM to improve our platform. Not to dilute from our core mantra that it's all about the database, but to improve the experience for our subscribers. They do ask for new features from time to time ...

When a feature request comes it, we will always accommodate them where possible. If our subscribers ask for something which will benefit everyone else, we'll move it further up the roadmap. Some of the upgrades we're mentioning today have come from feature requests.

These new features are now live for all subscribers:

We've added in an affiliate scheme. This is where our subscribers can use their own affiliate link and share it with their friends, family and business connections. Should one of those people subscribe to YourPCM, our original subscriber receives a monthly amount in return, for the duration of the other person's subscription.

Proper record locking has become more important now as we have larger businesses subscribed. Before, when it was only individuals subscribed, it wasn't a problem, but we could see it coming, so we have implemented it. This means that when one of your team members logs in, they identify themselves to the system and it locks a record should they open the notes section, unlocking it again when they've finished with the notes.

UK access only means that as we're working with UK small business owners, there's no point in allowing anyone from outside the UK to access YourPCM. This can be turned off and on again should you be going on holiday and need to work, but do let us know beforehand.

Additional behind-the-scenes security means that we're constantly looking at who is accessing YourPCM and what reputation their IP address has. Should it be flagged as belonging to a spammer or a malicious bot, or blacklisted in some other way, then they can't have access and it throws them back out to the main YourPCM website. Along with Google ReCAPTCHA, unique subdomain names, strong and long passwords and SSL security, we believe your data is as safe and secure as we can make it.

As we've said before, we're a UK company that works exclusively with UK small business owners. Your data is held securely in a UK data centre and all training and support come from our UK-based team. We're not interested in enterprise customers, and we don't want to have overseas subscribers either.

And with these new features, we know YourPCM will help you grow your business more quickly.

If you're interested in discovering more about YourPCM, do call us on 07490 373980 and let's see how we can help you.