Why UK Small Business Owners Need YourPCM

Whenever you call a big business, they'll be using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. There are many out there, and they keep track of every interaction you've ever had with that company ...

But these can be expensive to purchase, are difficult to configure and require ongoing training, maintenance and support. If you're a UK small business owner then you really don't need the hassle or the costs involved.

You're far too busy working on client projects, getting out and about meeting people and doing deals to spend countless hours configuring a mainstream CRM to make it work for you. Many will stick with the limitations of spreadsheets, some still have a notebook and others simply have a big pile of business cards on their desk.

"Can we suggest a better way? Try YourPCM instead!"

We don't call it a CRM because it's in a class of its own. YourPCM is a Personal Contact Manager, designed exclusively for UK small business owners by a UK company. Yes, it has many of the features of a mainstream CRM, but is more focused and far easier to get to grips with.

You can organise everyone you know in up to 32 sections so there's plenty of scope to include customers, clients, suppliers, business buddies, your referral network and even your friends and family. You can keep plenty of notes, track vital dates and even reach out to your contacts using custom email, SMS and on the phone. It will even connect with them on social so you can be sure you're well connected there too.

And that's just our Administrator package containing the core database to get you organised. We're not going to mention our amazing business search tools, our unique HTML mailer system or our powerful security features that keep your data safe. They're for other blog posts to explore.

The problem with mainstream CRMs is that they have to be all things to all people all around the world and are packed with features you have to pay for, but will never use. They are very US-centric and some even limit the number of contacts you can have before your subscription ramp up!

YourPCM is a UK product exclusively for UK small business owners and has unlimited contacts, unlimited notes, unlimited custom emails and SMS text messages, unlimited searches and unlimited mailers ... and always will. Your data is held in UK datacentres, so it never crosses borders into other jurisdictions which keeps your GDPR game strong.

We can import your existing spreadsheets for you, find those social connections to fill out your contact's records and also pop them into the right sections for you. We'll give you all the training and support you'll ever need, right in your own copy of YourPCM so you can see how we do something and repeat the process yourself in future.

"We're in the same time zone as you so help is just a phone call or a few clicks away!"

With support for up to 16 users and everything done on a simple monthly subscription, we think YourPCM is perfect for UK small business owners and we know you will too. Why not grab a fully featured 7-day free trial and see for yourself?

Enter your details below, and let's get started ...

If you're interested in discovering more about YourPCM, do call us on 07490 373980 and let's see how we can help you.