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We're All Affiliates Now

Earning a monthly income ...

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Posted by The YourPCM Growth Team on 04/08/2022 @ 8:00AM

YourPCM has had some major upgrades recently. Our search tools are even more powerful, our mailing list system is leading edge, and now our YourPCM Affiliate Program gives subscribers the opportunity to earn money ...

Log in today and click on 'Affiliate' on the menu bar. It's all explained in there!

Log in today and click on 'Affiliate' on the menu bar. It's all explained in there!

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An affiliate scheme is where you can create a regular monthly income by recommending a product or service to your friends, family, customers, clients and business contacts. If they sign-up for something, then you get paid a fixed amount per sign-up. The YourPCM Affiliate Program is slightly different.

"We don't pay for free trials, but we do
pay for actual subscriptions!"

Recommend YourPCM to your friends, family, customers, clients and business contacts and if they subscribe following one of our fully-featured free trials, you get paid a fixed monthly fee for the duration of their subscription (and yours) based on the type of subscription they take. The higher the subscription, the more you get.

You'll have your own simple affiliate link which you can copy to your clipboard or share directly to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Although we've created a fully formed tweet for you, Facebook and Linkedin don't allow pre-prepared messages on external shares, so you'll need to say something encouraging about YourPCM. The link connects directly with our home page and knows it was your affiliate link that was used. It's very simple.

"We'll pay you at the start of the following
month via bank transfer!"

We want YourPCM to grow and word of mouth is one of the best ways to do it. For us, there's nothing better than a personal recommendation from one of our subscribers. But more importantly, what's in it for you? Well, with enough new subscribers using your affiliate link, you can earn far more than you pay for your own subscription and actually make a profit.

Log in today and click 'Affiliate' on the menu bar. It's all explained in there.

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