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We focus on three specific types of business people as our ideal clients. Our first type of ideal client, who would be a perfect match for YourPCM is The Administrator. Have you got your administrator hat on today?

Our ideal client, The Administrator, thrives on workflows and systemisation so PCM is perfect for them!

Our ideal client, The Administrator, thrives on workflows and systemisation so PCM is perfect for them!

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The Administrator is someone who needs a really good central database of their customers and clients so they can regularly keep in touch, be as proactive as possible, and maximise the value from each of them. They tend to be at their desk all day rather than out and about.

The Administrator is:

  • Self-employed, in a partnership or the director of a very small limited company

  • Working Business-to-Business (B2B)

  • Using a PC or Mac rather than squinting at their phone all-day

  • Reasonably tech-savvy and likes to be well-organised

The Administrator needs:

  • Their customer and client details in one centralised space with all contact details available, including social connections

  • To take notes of vital conversations and be able to reference back to them when reaching out

  • To know when they last spoke to someone and when to speak again

  • To be emailed each morning and reminded of who they need to talk to that day

  • Standardised emails and SMS text messages, helping to systemise their work, making keeping in touch with customers and clients far easier

Mainstream CRMs have to be all things for all people all around the world and are stuffed with features you'll never need, but still have to pay for. YourPCM is exclusively for small business owners in the United Kingdom and has everything The Administrator in you needs, but none of the expensive fluff, you don't.

Additionally, you're going to get an easy-to-learn, high-quality product, and you can get immediate training and support from someone in the same timezone as you.

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The CRM designed exclusively for
UK small business owners ...

YourPCM is the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners



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We look after the sales & marketing on behalf of our founder Steffi Lewis. We love to talk to potential new subscribers and help them discover how YourPCM can work for their business to help them not only grow, but thrive.

We'll always take ownership of any issues, answer your questions quickly and efficiently, and be ready to jump on Zoom to demonstrate our amazing CRM.


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