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We’re all facing a little economic gloom at the moment. With the price of everything going up and up, as business owners we’re left reeling, wondering how our own customers and clients are going to react ...

Being able to reach out means having good data, and good data means you need a good database!

Being able to reach out means having good data, and good data means you need a good database!

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The first thing a lot of businesses do is cut their outgoings and marketing is usually the first thing to go. Payment terms to your creditors may be extended, and you could even be considering putting your own prices up. Can we suggest a better way?

"Rather than reacting by pulling your horns in, why not be proactive and reach out?"

Maximising the value in your customer or client list can improve your bottom line. Remember the first pandemic lockdown? An accountant friend of ours cleaned up by doubling the number of blog posts he created each week, and actually gained clients when a lot of other accountants simply shut up shop and went home for the duration.

Being able to reach out means having good data, and good data means you need a good database. Our accountant friend had a really good database (an early version of YourPCM actually) and he got his team to split up his client list and reach out to everyone they knew by email, SMS and phone.

They documented the conversations they had and asked each contact if they would like to be added to their mailing list. This meant they could be kept informed about the regular support and assistance announcements from the Government. He upped his blogging from once a week to twice weekly and sent his mailers on a Monday and a Thursday.

Not only did he get a 70% open rate and a 25% click-through rate for his mailers, but recipients of his blogs were also forwarding them on to other business owners they knew because their friends' accountants weren't responding to enquiries. We're proud of the part YourPCM played in all that.

He was just using the database part of YourPCM which has now been refined and enhanced with feedback from him and other subscribers who know a good thing when they see it!

We've now got a really powerful search tool to help discover new businesses you may want to work with. And our latest addition is an amazing mailing list system that was built from the learnings of the blogging our founder Steffi Lewis did with people like our accountant friend over the past 10 years.

Do make sure you have a powerful database at the heart of your organisation and insist your entire team use it. Keep track of every interaction and get it to remind you when you need to reach out to your customers and clients again.

Even just a regular SMS text message to say, "hello, how are you?" can make the difference between a customer looking around for cheaper suppliers and placing an order with you … which is definitely going to help your own bottom line.

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The CRM designed exclusively for
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YourPCM is the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners



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