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Why YourPCM Support Is Perfect For UK Small Business Owners

Help when you need it by phone, email and Zoom ...


Do you like trawling a knowledgebase? How about fighting with a chatbot? When it comes to getting support out of the mainstream CRMs, it sometimes feels like you're trying to get blood out of a stone ...

Knowledgebases, chatbots and helpdesks are often infuriating, but not at YourPCM. Our support is top notch!

Knowledgebases, chatbots and helpdesks are often infuriating, but not at YourPCM. Our support is top notch!

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We've all done it. Had a problem with our software and tried to get some help from the developers. With the mainstream CRMs, as they're mostly based in the US you always have to visit the knowledgebase as your first port of call. And if that doesn't offer you a solution to your problem?

"Well, it's then time to fight with a chatbot!"

We open the chatbot with trepidation. Is it actually going to be a human? Sometimes yes, but mostly no. As soon as it starts spewing automated answers that you didn't ask for and offer no help at all, the phrase "Talk to human! Talk to human!" gets angry-typed repeatedly until we close the chatbox in frustration.

And lastly, there's the help desk. Simple forms where you can detail your problem and even upload a screenshot if you can work out how to do it. And then the waiting game begins. Our founder, Steffi Lewis, tells us that one time she waited for 5 days before one of her suppliers even bothered to respond. Yes, this is an extreme case, but a wait is guaranteed, no doubt.

And then after 3 days, you get the standard reply, you offer up more information and the email chain begins. Back and forth, back and forth, never receiving a reply from the same person until eventually, you try what the 10th person suggested and hey presto! It works ... or it doesn't.

"Knowledgebases, chatbots and helpdesk
are often infuriating!"

What you, as a small business owner, actually needs is someone to answer the phone and talk you through a solution. Or if you must email, then you want a reply in a timely manner, preferably with examples. It's important that your software, be it a CRM or any other software you subscribe to, works as you expect it to.

So, yes, at YourPCM, we offer top-notch support over the phone and by email, and as we're in the same timezone as you, you'll know you can reach us when you need help. We will help you whenever you call or email, but we'll take it one step further ... we'll jump on Zoom with you and show you how to do something, right there, right then, in your own copy of YourPCM.

And if it is a genuine bug that you've inadvertently found? Our developers will be on the case immediately to fix the problem, although you should ever actually see an error, it'll just refuse to do what you are expecting it to do.

We pride ourselves on the support our Subscriber Team offers. By phone, by email and by Zoom; and we love our friendly, responsive developers too! Whoever picks up your call or email is responsible for getting you sorted and back to work as soon as possible.

"We will never pass around the issue and you'll know who is dealing with it!"

So, grab a fully featured 7-day free trial of YourPCM by filling out the form below and get your free trial training arranged. We know you'll be impressed with the help our Subscriber Team offers and they'll get you off to a flying start with YourPCM, the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners.

We look forward to supporting you.

Until next time ...

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The CRM designed exclusively for
UK small business owners ...

YourPCM is the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners



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