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How Long Do You Spend Prospecting On Google Each Week?

If it's more than 15 minutes, you're doing it wrong ...


Many sales trainers, mentors, and coaches often emphasise the importance of spending considerable time on Google each week to search for potential new clients to reach out to ...

Manual prospecting on Google seems like such a soul-destroying exercise!

Manual prospecting on Google seems like such a soul-destroying exercise!

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They recommend compiling a spreadsheet with the gathered information, including going to each individual website looking for further details, and then initiating contact through phone calls or, more commonly, emails. This approach is widely regarded as an effective prospecting method.

"While this method indeed yields results, it's very slow. Our approach is different and far quicker!"

Instead of investing hours and hours each day, potentially accumulating up to 10 or more hours a week when targets are set for you, we accomplish the same outcome in just minutes. The secret lies in leveraging YourPCM's integrated discovery tools.

Now, you might be wondering, "How on earth is that possible?" It's quite simple; we let YourPCM do the work for us. By dedicating a mere fifteen minutes each week to prospecting, we treat it as a background activity while we focus on more productive and income-generating endeavours.

It works like this:

  • Type in the desired profession

  • Enter a location (country, county or up to 10 towns)

  • Hit search

  • Go make a nice cup of tea!

Within minutes, YourPCM has added many new contacts, including business names, phone numbers, website addresses, email addresses, and even their social media details. In some cases, it can even guess the first name for the contact!

We can't help but cringe when we come across YouTube videos demonstrating manual prospecting on Google; it just seems like such a soul-destroying exercise and we wonder how people are supposed to keep up with it day after day, week in, week out?

"Instead, we effortlessly move on to the next profession in a new location, and prepare our call lists!""

Want to know more about YourPCM's integrated discovery tools? We're happy to demo them for you, or you can start your own fully featured 7-day free trial and experience them for yourself.

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