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New Custom Fields Feature Released!

Extra data makes your life easier ...


Another week, another great new feature requested by our subscribers. This time it's about adding extra data to contacts making YourPCM appeal to a wider range of businesses, with more diverse information on display ...

Our new custom fields feature are available with all YourPCM subscriptions!

Our new custom fields feature are available with all YourPCM subscriptions!

created by dall-e / open ai

Let us give you some examples. A vehicle leasing company may want to see the make, model and registration number of a vehicle delivered to a contact. A mortgage broker may want to know the provider of a contact's mortgage.

Both have been able to see when renewals are due by using (and renaming) our next contact date field, but now they can get a far better overview of their contacts and the work they've put in for them. All sorts of information can now be made available.

"We've added in 16 custom fields!"

Our subscribers can pick and choose what to call them, what type of data they are, the alignment of the text within the field and whether they actually want to show or hide the data from the main database. Even with a hidden field, it is still available in the contact's own record, all 16 fields are, but sometimes not showing information is as important as the information you do show.

Like our Job Title and Alt Number fields, custom fields can only be displayed in the medium, large and extra large views and we've also included a 'free widths' option to help make the custom fields being shown fit better within the HTML of the page by releasing the widths of other columns.

"A word of warning for subscribers wishing
to use our custom fields!"

If you have a lot of data, it's not a good idea to change the custom fields once you've set them up. You may end up with data in fields that don't make sense, so set them up and just use them before applying them to your entire database permanently.

Custom fields work with both our import and export tools and are also fully searchable. You just need to decide what they are, and which one's to show in the main database.

Custom fields are included with all YourPCM subscriptions.

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YourPCM is the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners



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