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New Integrated Business Card Scanner Released!

A real game-changer for networkers ...


We're thrilled to introduce our brand-new and cutting-edge integrated Business Card Scanner! Unlike traditional CRM apps on your smartphone, our solution leverages your laptop's webcam to scan business cards with exceptional precision ...

Hold up a business card to your webcam, ensure it's in focus and well exposed, then click capture. It doesn't even have to be perfectly straight!

Hold up a business card to your webcam, ensure it's in focus and well exposed, then click capture. It doesn't even have to be perfectly straight!


With the latest AI visual processing tools at our disposal, you can effortlessly capture and intelligently process business card information, seamlessly integrating it into your YourPCM contacts. Our developers have harnessed the power of AI.

"This makes the process incredibly accurate
and user-friendly!"

You can capture business cards in any format, whether landscape or portrait, and it even handles occasional obstructions, such as fingers or background distractions. In our testing, we achieved a remarkable accuracy of over 97% requiring very few rescans.

Imagine this: you attend a networking event, engage in fruitful conversations, and exchange business cards with potential opportunities with a promise to arrange a 121. However, many people forget to follow up. Business cards get left in the car, put in a drawer, and forgotten ... and then you feel embarrassed the next time you meet them. Imagine the opportunities you could be missing!

With YourPCM's integrated Business Card Scanner, the process becomes a breeze:

  • Engage in meaningful conversations at a networking event

  • Collect business cards with promises to follow up

  • Scan the cards into YourPCM using the integrated tool as soon as you get home

  • If it doesn't scan perfectly the first time, scan it again ... our AI learns!

  • Select a predefined custom email template to request a meeting via Calendly

  • Send a personalised emails to each new contact

  • Go and enjoy a nice cup of tea!

We recently put this workflow to the test. Our founder & creator, Steffi Lewis, collected 26 business cards from a new networking group and committed to following up with them.

Back at the office, using our integrated Business Card Scanner, she created new records for all of them in just a few minutes. Then she sent out custom emails using a predefined template, complete with our contact details and meeting requests via Calendly.

"In just 10 minutes, she added all the business cards, sent custom emails, and even booked her first 121s!"

This is the power of taking action with the business cards you receive. YourPCM's integrated Business Card Scanner simplifies the entire process, ensuring you never miss out on potential opportunities again.

Our integrated business card scanner is included with all YourPCM subscriptions.

Until next time ...

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The CRM designed exclusively for
UK small business owners ...

YourPCM is the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners



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