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New CDN-Based File System Released!

This is a major upgrade to YourPCM ...


As part of our summer 2023 program to improve our unique HTML mailing list system, we've upgraded the editor we use and this has brought us some extra benefits in the form of a built-in CDN-based file system ...

We have implemented the new CDN-based file system. It's super fast!

We have implemented the new CDN-based file system. It's super fast!

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Firstly, what does CDN mean? Well, it stands for 'Content Delivery Network' and is based on the Amazon cloud. It means that any files our subscribers upload can be delivered from multiple nodes around the world rather than having to come from our UK-based servers directly.

"A CDN delivers images from the nearest node!"

For example, if you have an number of Australians on your mailing list, the images they see in the email message you send them are delivered from the Australian node and not from the UK, which is the old way we did things.

We have implemented the new CDN-based file system as a standalone tab in YourPCM and, once securely connected (it takes a few moments), a subscriber can create folders, upload files, and organise their files however they like. And that's all it needs to do in that mode.

The power comes in our new HTML editor as there's an extra button on the toolbar that gives direct access to the CDN-based file system from the editor. This means that a subscriber can directly upload files for use in their mailer, and even edit them with standard functions such as crop, resize and various colouration options. Each file gets a unique reference code, so you can move it around your folder structure.

"Our unique HTML Mailing List system is now
everything we wanted it to be!"

When we first launched YourPCM at the beginning of this year, it 'did what it said on the tin', but it was more of a 'Minimum Viable Product'. It was still very useful, but quite basic. As we want to offer our subscribers the best possible experience of our amazing SaaS product, we've worked hard to upgrade it this summer.

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The CRM designed exclusively for
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YourPCM is the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners



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