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Some Fabulous New Upgrades For YourPCM

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As many avid readers of our blog already know, YourPCM will never be finished. It's a work in progress (so to speak) and we're always checking our roadmap and adding in little enhancements we think of, and our subscribers suggest ...

These fabulous new upgrades will help you better organise everyone you know!

These fabulous new upgrades will help you better organise everyone you know!

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Over the past few months we've added the following:

  • We've renamed the business search tool to DISCOVERY and that's because we built-in a local search tool into the database which lets you find existing contacts. The new local search tool is really useful should someone phone you and you can't remember which section they're stored in. By the way, if you use Zoom Phone, get in touch and we can show you how to initiate a search in YourPCM when someone calls you on your virtual number!

  • Our developers also renamed the ALL section to FAVOURITES (for every contact with a white tick). They created a new ALL section that lists everyone in your contact database regardless of which section they're in. You can also drill down into industries and locations in the new ALL section, as you still can in FAVOURITES.

  • There is also a TAGGED section so if you're creating a call list by tagging contacts, they'll appear in this new section. Just out of interest, there's a new TPS Check feature (top right, by search) in the TAGGED section that does exactly what it says on the tin. If you run the TPS Check tool, it will untag anyone whose number has been registered. It's no good cold-calling someone if it'll get you in trouble.

  • Don't forget to scan the QR code in the notes section of a contact and add them to your phone's address book.

  • Click any blank space icon next to a contact's web address and YourPCM should attempt to grab their social connections from their website. It depends how trixy a web designer the contact has as to whether this works, but we'll give it a 75% chance of grabbing some social connections. This is great when you've just added a contact from their business card and stops you needing to hunt around the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram on your own.

  • Contacts now include a postcode so if you fill those in and click the Google Maps icon for a contact, it'll pop up a map of their local area. Not a precise art, but it will get you close to their premises if you need it.

  • The new EXTRAS tab consolidates all our one-off paid-for extra features, as well as includes a new connection to a company called Data Bubble for more precise targeting of contacts than our built-in discovery tools can offer. Just request what you want and Joanne from Data Bubble will reach out to you. Once agreed, pay for your list via YourPCM, she'll send them to us and we'll import them to your own copy of YourPCM for you.

All fabulous little tweaks, and a few big changes. Coming next week will be webhooks, which means you can have your website's contact form submitted directly to your own copy of YourPCM when someone reaches out to you. And after that? We have a few surprises coming your way.

Watch this space.

Until next time ...

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