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Times change and so do we. What was the SLO Personal Contact Manager yesterday is today, YourPCM. So why did we rebrand, what does it do for you, and why should you use it?

Step forward UK small business owners. YourPCM is yours, and it's personal!

Step forward UK small business owners. YourPCM is yours, and it's personal!

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The SLO Personal Contact Manager was spun out of our founder's digital marketing platform, Steffi/CMS. But we all agreed that SLO, which actually stands for 'Steffi Lewis Online' wasn't a good three-letter acronym. In fact, 'The SLO Personal Contact Manager' was just a bunch of word spaghetti and needed shortening. So, we got to thinking about names and brands and our values and purpose.

"And we settled on YourPCM!"

The 'Your' part of the name is obviously because it's yours, and the PCM part is there because it is a Personal Contact Manager rather than a CRM. So, when we say, "It's yours, and it's personal" we really mean just that. Your database of everyone you know, is at your fingertips, with many different ways to contact them.

Our new logo has 3 stylised people figures on it. The front one is the database (the most important part!), the left one is the search tool and the right one is the mailer feature. It can appear on its own, without the name, and be used as an icon, which is really useful.

"So, what sets us apart from mainstream CRMs?"

Firstly, as a company, we're proud to be British. You can see from the banner at the top of this page that we're happy to fly the Union flag. Secondly, we only work with UK small business owners and will never sell YourPCM beyond our shores. Thirdly, well, we're not interested in mid-sized SMEs or enterprise customers, which is unusual for a SaaS business. Oh, and fourthly, and very importantly, all your data is held in a UK datacentre and never crosses borders.

There are 2.5 million self-employed people, partnerships and one-person limited companies in this country, and we want to help as many as we can!

It is very easy with software subscriptions for small businesses just to become an account number and income stream. The bigger the supplier, the more the customer is left to their own devices. And when you do get that help, it's usually in the form of a message with some scripted pointers on it or a request to browse a knowledge base.

We know that YourPCM is very easy to use and we encourage our subscribers to just log in and play, but when you need training or support, we're always here to help. We promise to be prompt when you reach out to us, and we'll even connect with you on Zoom to demo a solution directly in your own copy of YourPCM.

"You're never just an account number
or income stream to us!"

You're a human being and a valued subscriber. We want to support you however we can to ensure you get the best possible experience from YourPCM, so it will become your personal contact manager of choice for many years to come.

We love YourPCM and you will too. Why? Because it's yours, and it's personal.

Until next time ...

Call/WhatsApp: 07490 373980


The CRM designed exclusively for
UK small business owners ...

YourPCM is the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners



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About The YourPCM Growth Team ...


We look after the sales & marketing on behalf of our founder Steffi Lewis. We love to talk to potential new subscribers and help them discover how YourPCM can work for their business to help them not only grow, but thrive.

We'll always take ownership of any issues, answer your questions quickly and efficiently, and be ready to jump on Zoom to demonstrate our amazing CRM.


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