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Two New Integrations For YourPCM

With more to follow soon ...


Many SaaS businesses have a roadmap detailing new features and functions coming soon. We're no exception, and have recently added a new integration for Calendly and for a website's own Webforms ...

At YourPCM we're always listening to our valued subscribers regarding the integrations they need!

At YourPCM we're always listening to our valued subscribers regarding the integrations they need!

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Our feature request list is full of interesting tidbits all suggested by our valued subscribers. Tweak this, change that, and make the other thing react slightly differently. But there's the big stuff too and some requests came from a couple of demonstrations we did recently.

So, we said if they subscribe, we'll get them sorted! Is it a bribe? Maybe ... maybe not. We think it's just good listening, but we did get a couple of happy new subscribers, especially when they saw their first new contacts appear in their copy of YourPCM.

So, what integrations did we add?

  • Calendly - with a few little tweaks to a booking form, and a change to the confirmation page, a booking can now appear in the calendar you've connected, as well as send the details of the 'bookee' directly to YourPCM. Once added, the bookee will be redirected to your website.

  • Webforms - webforms normally go to your email inbox (or occasionally spam folder), but if you'd rather it went into YourPCM instead then just ensure the fields on the form match with YourPCM, tweak the action command to point it at our special webhook and away you go!

Just remember to check your NEW folder on a regular basis and you'll see your new contacts (and the messages they sent over) and can move them wherever you like. If you've built a sequence of sections to act as a funnel, then just drop them in the start section and progress them through to a new customer or client for yourself.

"The Calendly and Webform integrations are documented on the EXTRAS tab once you login!"

And of course, if our subscribers want us to tweak things for them we're happy to help. We always listen to our valued subscribers, and we've got another couple of integrations suggested by them coming soon.

Watch this space.

Until next time ...

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The CRM designed exclusively for
UK small business owners ...

YourPCM is the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners



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