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For those of us in the UK, choosing a boutique CRM like YourPCM can make all the difference. Our CRM can redefine how you manage your business relationships, and we're thrilled to share its wonders with you ...

If you're a UK micro-business owner seeking a boutique CRM that truly understands your needs, take a look at YourPCM!

If you're a UK micro-business owner seeking a boutique CRM that truly understands your needs, take a look at YourPCM!

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Streamline business operations is a goal of any business owner and we often look around for different solutions to the everyday business problems we have. Keeping track of our contacts falls either to our phone or a simple spreadsheet.

Many of our subscribers came from a need for more efficient ways of working. Our distinction from other CRM systems is immediately apparent to those who try us out, leading to some very happy subscribers.

Here's how YourPCM can help you:

  • A comprehensive contact database: You know the feeling when you stumble upon an old business card or scribbled contact and wonder, "Who was this again?" YourPCM curtails this issue by providing a platform where you can organise every contact you've ever made.

    Beyond this, it aids in discovering potential new businesses you may want to connect with, something that can be particularly useful for any business seeking to expand its horizons.

  • Engaging contact methods: Personalised outreach is the heart of building and nurturing business relationships. With custom email templates, SMS, WhatsApp, and an exclusive HTML mailing list system, reaching out has never felt so intuitive.

  • Stay on top of your communications: The colour-coded last contact date and next contact date fields are such simple yet ingenious features. It's now easier than ever to keep track of when you last spoke to someone and when you need to touch base again. Plus, the 'red list' email is a game-changer. Starting you day knowing who to prioritise helps set a productive tone.

  • Support that truly supports: While technology can be a blessing, it often comes with its challenges. Our UK-based support team ensures you're never left hanging. From phone to email to a Zoom session, we go above and beyond to ensure every user query is resolved.

  • Data security & compliance: Peace of mind is invaluable. With YourPCM, you'll rest easy knowing your contact data is stored securely in a UK data centre and abides by UK data protection regulations. The enterprise-grade security features are on par with what you might find in pricier mainstream CRMs.

  • Committed to sustainability: Beyond its operational brilliance, YourPCM's commitment to the environment is commendable. For every new subscriber, we plant a tree at one of 77 community projects globally. We're always moving towards Net Zero by consistently offsetting our carbon footprint. The fact that a portion of our revenue aids in the development of carbon capture technology is just the cherry on top.

For those of you still on the fence, YourPCM offers a 7-day free trial, packed with extra training. This ensures that you’re not just trying a new tool, but you’re also being equipped to make the most of it.

"And for any challenges that arise, our team is always a call or email away!"

In closing, if you're a UK micro-business owner seeking a boutique CRM that truly understands your needs and provides value beyond its core functionality, YourPCM might just be the answer you're looking for.

It can certainly make a marked difference in how you manage and grow your connections.

Until next time ...

Call/WhatsApp: 07490 373980


The CRM designed exclusively for
UK small business owners ...

YourPCM is the CRM designed exclusively for UK small business owners



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About The YourPCM Growth Team ...


We look after the sales & marketing on behalf of our founder Steffi Lewis. We love to talk to potential new subscribers and help them discover how YourPCM can work for their business to help them not only grow, but thrive.

We'll always take ownership of any issues, answer your questions quickly and efficiently, and be ready to jump on Zoom to demonstrate our amazing CRM.


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