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New YourAI Feature Released!

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It's been a long time in development, however, we're pleased to announce that our brand new AI feature called YourAI has been released to our subscribers. We've even given them free tokens to play with it ...

Let YourAI do all the heavy lifting while you spend your time doing something more productive!

Let YourAI do all the heavy lifting while you spend your time doing something more productive!

created by: yourai (using chatgpt/dall-e)

Artificial Intelligence has become important to businesses since the release of ChatGPT and at YourPCM we're always looking to make things easier for our subscribers. When we added our AI Business Card Scanner a few months ago, we realised that we could do a lot more with the underlying technology and embarked on an experiment to see what else we could do.

"Originally, our AI feature was only going to be for creating blog posts!"

We blog a lot and many of our subscribers do too. During our research, they'd asked for an easy way to enter an idea for a blog and have AI just create the words, a suitable metaphor image, some further reading links and even an audio version. We made all that a reality for them with YourAI, but we've gone much further.

Now, using YourAI, we can create:

  • Blogs from Text - just enter a title and YourAI does it all for you in just a few mouse clicks

  • Blogs from URL - when you've read a great article and want your own 'original' version of it, just enter the URL and away you go

  • Socials - type in a URL and it'll create tweets, short form shares for Facebook and Long form shares for LinkedIn, with or without emojis and hashtags

  • Images - when you need general images for your marketing; either wide, tall or square

  • Freeform - use one of our simple prompts or type in your own and let YourAI get to work

  • Avatars - tell YourAI what you want them to look like, what they're wearing and where they are and hey presto ... an avatar you can use on social media

So why should our subscribers use YourAI rather than ChatGPT and DALL-E to do all this? Well, yes, YourAI is a 'wrapper' for both those services, but it lets you organise everything you create into one place for future reference, and takes away a lot of the heavy lifting when creating prompts.

"It uses a Pay & Go model!"

This means that subscribers only purchase and use tokens when they need them, rather than committing to expensive subscriptions. And the best part? The tokens never expire, so they can use them whenever they need to create outstanding content.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Although the original text of this blog post was written by a human, it was 'improved' by YourAI which then created the perfect metaphor image. Once we'd finished editing, we copied the final text back to YourAI and it created the audio version too!

YourAI is available to all of our subscribers as of Friday the 15th of December 2023 and will be a standalone product in early 2024. Why not arrange a demo and we'll show you around?

Until next time ...

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